Helping you share the good news with children in your church

At Scripture Union, we share your passion for sharing the good news with the children and young people you, and we're pleased to be able to share our experience with you to help take the strain out of your vital ministry with the children in your church.  With expertly produced resources, tailored training opportunities and much more, we're sure we can help take your children’s and youth work to the next level...

Guardians of Ancora,
introducing thousands of children to the bible.

Guardians of Ancora Scripture Union's app introducing the bible to children.

Since the 1st July 2015 Guardians of Ancora has been available worldwide.
Enter the virtual world of Ancora and join the Guardians as they search for the stories of the city.


Make school visits to your church more exciting

Take the stress out of running a holiday club

Light party packs, bringing light to children.


It’s Your Church is a fresh, relevant and engaging resource to help to make the most of a church visit for both schools and churches


Scripture Union's Holiday Club resources make running a Holiday Club as easy as possible. Take a look at our range of resources and themes.


Light Party packs, providing you with a range of different activities, games and Bible discussions to help make your Light Party a success!

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All you need to run fun and exciting Sunday School sessions


Give faith a sporting chance – share Jesus through sport


Light is Scripture Union's range of resources to help you run fun,flexible and exciting Bible-based sessions for children and young people.


At Scripture Union we know that sports activities can offer great opportunities for reaching more children and young people, for teaching them Christian values like integrity, teamwork and discipline, and for sharing the gospel with them.

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Connect with SU locally

How we can help you reach children and young people


We'd love to support you in your children's and youth work, and wherever you are in England or Wales, there's a Scripture Union team nearby. With nearly 150 years of experience under our belt, we can help you take your ministry to the next level.


With a range of exciting Bible-based resources, expert training opportunities and more, we're here to help you as you reach out to children and young people.

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