Lifepath Malvern

  • Date: June 2019
  • Event Age Range: Key Stage 2 Pupils



Lifepath Malvern is a Scripture Union initiative to help Christians in local communities organise an event in which junior school pupils, normally Year 5 and 6, have the opportunity to explore the Christian faith through the ‘life path’ of a well known Christian from history with a link to their location. The event can be used as a springboard to encourage them to reflect on their own ‘life path’.

LifePath Replacement Flash Image

Lifepath Mavern explores the lives of monks who have lived, worshipped and worked at Great Malvern Priory.

There are opportunities for volunteers to act as ‘Pilgrim Guides’, leading a group of about 15 children through the activities and building a positive relationship with them and their teachers throughout the day. Other volunteers are needed to run various activity groups which may include crafts or skills linked to a particular venue, for example had-bell-ringing, brass rubbing and calligraphy. There is also a need for volunteers for ‘behind-the-scenes’ roles such as stewarding or first aid.

Since Lifepath takes place within the school day, it’s a great opportunity for volunteers with school-aged children of their own to take part. Although Lifepath may be run over several days, it is not always vital that every team member is present on each day.