ka'zoo 2.0

  • Date: 12–18 August 2018
  • Event Age Range: 12 to 15
  • Location: Bath, Somerset
  • Volunteer Cost: £199

This summer join the team at 'ka'zoo 2.0' as we offer the children a week of mind-blowing, life-changing fun, friendship, and food for thought. We’ll keep them busy…whether it’s spending time with friends in the ka’fe; organised fun; wide-games (night-line!); using your artistic, musical, dramatic, sporting abilities in our creative afternoon activities; singing around the campfire; swimming; inflatables; or getting to know Jesus and the life he has to offer us.

Secondary Holidays

This holiday is based at a boarding school near Bath and makes full use of the fantastic site which includes large grounds, an outdoor heated swimming pool, sports facilities and theatre space.

Please contact the holiday leader for more information.