Lagger Advance

  • Date: 24–27 July 2019
  • Event Age Range: 12-15
  • Location: Dursley, Gloucestershire
  • Accommodation: Tents
  • Volunteer Cost: £56


Lagger Advance camp takes place in a field and involves young people assisting with setting up the tents and equipment before the children arrive for Lagger 1.

Volunteers are expected to assist with repairs and site maintenance. It is hard work but once the jobs are complete there is usually time for fun. 

Primary holidays

On this camp the teenagers sing, pray and read the Bible daily, together and in tent groups which gives everyone a chance to chat and ask questions.

If you thrive working outdoors, like being part of team and getting your hands dirty you will enjoy Lagger Advance.

For more information, please contact the holiday leader.