Helter Skelter

  • Date: 11–18 August 2018
  • Event Age Range: 12 to 17
  • Location: Brackley, Northants
  • Accommodation: School
  • Volunteer Cost: £186

To give you a flavour of the holiday, here is the text from the Holidays Brochure. Please contact the holiday leader for more information.

Every year at Helter Skelter is unique and exciting with activities ranging from open mic night to rock climbing, from pool parties to sledging in the snow dome, from messy games to a fabulous banquet. If you’re worrying that you’re not active enough then don’t fear, there is also plenty of time to relax in our Helter Skelter café!

We try and cater for all the young people who come to camp and part of this is providing a separate stream for the 17 year olds where they are able to grow in leadership skills and take on some responsibility within camp. We have a huge turn-around of young people who want to keep coming back every year and if you come you’ll find out why! We look forward to meeting you this summer!!

For those who are 17 years old, you’ll be able to enjoy the same activities whilst also developing your leadership skills through discipleship training.

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