The Commitment

As you consider becoming a Scripture Union volunteer, you may be asking yourself 'What am I letting myself in for?'

Well... the length of time you are committing to depends on how you volunteer. If you volunteer to help in the office, or assist a schools worker in your area, it's likely to be an occasional few hours. If you're volunteering on a holiday or mission, you'll be signing up for the length of the event itself - usually one or two weeks of the year. If you serve on a team for a Lifepath event then it may be a couple of days or X:site one day every other month. Alternatively you can volunteer alongside those active in your area on a regular basis or for several months.

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But joining Scripture Union as a volunteer is more than the event itself. It's about being part of the organisation as a whole. Scripture Union is a volunteer movement, and although it employs some full-time staff, it's our volunteers who make Scripture Union work.


Of course, a volunteer's commitment can be confined to just the duration of the event, but we find that once our volunteers catch the bug, they just can't stop. Either side of the event, they find themselves thinking about new games when they should be working, searching the internet for innovative activities when they should be emailing distant relatives and developing creative Bible talks when they should be doing the ironing. These people show dedication all year round and we're very thankful for it.

So in reality, being a volunteer actually means becoming part of the SU family. But that's OK - we're a really really nice family. Really.

We try and avoid having lots of paperwork but one important document that everyone working as part of Scripture Union needs to read is this one, Ministry with Scripture Union.

While you're thinking about becoming a volunteer, have a go on the game!


Counting the Cost

Being a volunteer costs time, effort and money. Yes, money… your hard-earned cash!

We don't ask volunteers to contribute because Scripture Union wants to make lots of money and throw wild parties. In fact, the holidays and missions programme doesn't actually make a profit. We ask volunteers to contribute to keep the events free for children and young people attending missions and to a reasonable cost for those on holidays.

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For Frontline trips, the cost is a reflection of living and travelling expenses whilst in the country and includes a small contribution to the work of the SU movement volunteers are working with.

The actual costs vary depending on the length and nature of the event. You can see the fee, if any, of a particular event on the specific page for that activity. X:sites and Lifepaths do not charge volunteers and neither do some of our missions.

We understand that some costs may be hard to reach, so there are a number of ways of getting help.

  • Scripture Union runs a grant scheme for those on no or limited income. Click here for more details.

  • Event leaders may be able to offer some discretion on the cost advertised.

  • Volunteers are encouraged to see the costs as an integral part of their own giving.

  • Some employers allow volunteers to take the time on events as paid leave, and others may contribute towards their costs.

  • Some volunteers ask friends and family to contribute as a birthday or Christmas present.

  • Fundraise! Many volunteers help raise money for their costs by coming up with creative fundraising ideas, such as selling artwork, car washing, sponsored walks and holding musical concerts.

The important thing to remember however, is that no matter how much we need your money, we value you much more and would not want you to see finance as a barrier to you getting on board. If finances are a problem, contact us.