How to apply!

So you've decided to volunteer! Congratulations, bravo, good for you, woo-hoo, hurrah, nice one, good stuff, hooray etc. Seriously, thank you for wanting to become a volunteer. You will have the time of your life, and because of your commitment, others will have the time of theirs.

The next step is to fill in some forms. Y'know, the ones that no-one likes doing but are actually quite important.

Sign me up - three girls will their thumbs up

We have an online volunteer application system which will hope make it easier and quicker for many of our current and new volunteers to apply and serve with us. Below is a guide on how to volunteer but if you want to chat about where to go or how to apply then email Count Me In or call 01908 856000.

1. Register

To apply online you first need to be registered on the Scripture Union (SU) website. If you have used Wordlive, our online shop or similar then you will already be registered. There is a Login/Sign Up button at the top of every page.

For the application process to work seamlessly each applicant is required to have a separate email address. If you currently share an email or do not have an email address then you will need to set up one. This is quick and easy to do via one of the free email providers such as Google, Yahoo or Hotmail. Once your email address is set up then you can Sign Up via the button at the top of the page.

2. Check you have all the information you need

To complete any application you will need the name and email address of a referee who must be in a position of church leadership and have known you for more than a year. Full team members on Holidays and Missions will also need the name and email address of a second referee (not necessarily from your church) as well. References are being taken up electronically and it is not possible for you to save your application so you will have to start the form again if you don’t have any information which is why it is vital that you have these addresses before you start.

3. Find the event you want to volunteer for

If you know which event you wish to volunteer for, from the left side menu select Where to Go and then select the programme stream e.g. Frontline, Holidays, Summer Missions etc. You will then see a list of the individual events and you can select the one you wish to apply for.

If you don’t know which event you wish to volunteer for then either browse the Count Me In website or you can contact Scripture Union to discuss the options, email Count Me In or phone 01908 856000.

If you are involved in a Holiday and also another programme stream (e.g. Lifepath, X:site) then start by applying as a team member on the holiday so that your form will be valid for all different events.

4. Choose your role

When you are on the page for the event you wish to volunteer for you first need to click on Select role and choose the one that applies to you. Then click on Apply Now. There is a guide on each page to help you decide which is the right role for you.

Regardless of your role all of those working as part of Scripture Union need to read this important (but not massively long) document. On your application form you will have to confirm that you have read it and agree to the principles contained within it. Ministry with Scripture Union leaflet

The good news is that if you want to be on the team of more than one event you don’t need to fill in two forms just email Count Me In and they can arrange for your details to be transferred to the second event and notify the event leader.

5. Fill in the form

You will now see the application form which will be pre-populated with some of your details so you won’t need to fill in this information again. All fields marked with a * must be completed. Follow the on-screen instructions. At the end you will see confirmation that your application has been submitted. Well done!

What happens next…

  • You should receive an automated email thanking you for your application. However you are not approved to serve until you have been notified as such.
  • Scripture Union will process your application by contacting referees and sending you a DBS (formally CRB) pack to complete if necessary.
  • The event leader may get in contact to give you more information.
  • If your application proceeds as anticipated, the Scripture Union office will confirm your place and approve you to serve as a volunteer. They will also tell your event leader. If there is an issue regarding your place on team, the Scripture Union office will contact you about this.