Toddler worship services

Many parent and toddler group leaders want to provide a little more Christian input for their groups.  But often they are concerned that some parents are not ready for this and might be put off by more Christian activity within the normal toddler group session.  So why not extend your programme to offer worship services for young children and their families?

An under-5s service (which can also be known as a pram or buggy service) enables children and their carers to choose to worship God in a community where they know people and feel they can relax about their child's behaviour.  Age appropriate stories, songs, prayers and activities enable young children to grow in their relationship with God, whether they come from a church family or from the wider community.

Over the next few months we are hoping to upload some services for festivals, begining with Christmas, to get you started.  Just click on the link to the left to see more.

Also available to help you is a new book in our popular Top Tips range specifically on this topic.  Worshipping with under-5s is written by SU's Under-5s consultant, Alison Dayer, who has led Under-5s services for many years and loves helping young children worship God.

 To read more and buy click here Top Tips series


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