Many of the Scripture Union titles are now available as ebooks for ePub readers, including Kobo, Nook and iPad, and as mobi ebooks for Kindle. They are listed by category here in our dedicated ebook shop. We've got loads of ebooks available already and we'll be adding to this list all the time.

Ebook categories

Choose from the list of categories below to find the perfect ebook for you.

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A note on Kindle ebooks purchased from our site

Unfortunately, Kindle ebooks purchased from our website will NOT be automatically delivered to your Kindle as they are when purchasing directly from Amazon. You will need to download the book we send to you via email then transfer it manually to your Kindle device. You can do this in 3 ways:

  1. Send to Kindle application
    Download and install Amazon's Send to Kindle application - for PC, for Mac, and follow the instructions from Amazon for transferring your downloaded ebook file.

  2. Email to Kindle
    Send an email to your Kindle with the ebook file attached. You will need to set up your Kindle to receive documents by email in "Manage My Kindle" on Amazon - full instructions here.

  3. USB transfer
    Plug your Kindle into your computer via the USB cable that came with the device - get specific instructions for your model from Amazon here.