The Scripture Union Holiday Fund

Ensuring children, regardless of their financial situation, can benefit from SU holidays

On an SU camp surrounded by faithful witness, supported by Christian role models, character develops, faith is breathed into life and good friends are made that last a lifetime.

At SU we believe financial hardship should never stand in the way of a child's chance to benefit from this life changing experience.

We need your help to ensure that every child has the opportunity to experience an SU holiday. Children and young people like Amy...

Amy's story

Amy's day-to-day family life is tough going, and although she receives regular support from the council’s youth service, what she really needed was a break – the chance to get away from the troubles of everyday life.

Amy heard about SU holidays at school and thought they sounded great, but she knew her family could never afford such a luxury. Generous gifts like yours were able to cover the cost and give Amy this much needed experience.

Since the holiday, Amy has expressed an interest in returning as a young leader next year and, as she puts it, in wanting to ‘look into God more’.

How to access support like Amy's

Could you help children like Amy benefit from an SU holiday?

Can you help children like Amy go on an SU holiday?We do all that we can to ensure that our holidays are affordable for most people and we already subsidise the costs. However, we receive multiple requests each year for financial support from children whose families just cannot afford for them to attend.

In 2018, 188 children received some funding  and we paid out over £23,000 in grants to enable them to come on a Scripture Union holiday. In 2019, with your help, we'd love to continue to be able to provide this level of support for children that would otherwise not be able to come on a Scripture Union holiday.


'This really is the stuff of fond memories and growing friendships that last a lifetime. It's a turning point in so many young lives, a time when, surrounded by faithful Christians, children meet with Jesus and grow spiritually. Jesus told us "For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them."'

Bex, Holiday Leader

Your gift could really make a difference!

A gift of £9 could help provide evangelistic booklets for five young people to take home from their SU holiday

A gift of £35 could help fund one night’s accommodation, food and activities for a child/young person attending an SU holiday

A gift of £80 could buy half a day of activities at an outdoor centre for a group of four children as part of their SU holiday

Please note: The Scripture Union Holiday Fund replaces the support received in previous years from the David Chilcott fund for which we are very grateful.