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Activity: Windmills

Session: No problem

Bible reference: Acts 2:1–12

Themes: God’s promises, Holy Spirit


With: a copy of resource sheet: windmill for each child, split pins, scissors, drinking straws, felt-tip pens

Duration time: 10 minutes

Description: 1 Explain to the children that they are going to make windmills to remind them of how the Holy Spirit could be heard coming like fire.

2 Ask the children to decorate their square with felt-tip pens.

3 Show them how to cut along the solid and dotted lines, and then fold the marked corners into the centre.

4 Help them to pin their windmill shape to the top of a drinking straw with a split pin.

5 Fold back the split pin (not too tight) and blow to make the windmills turn.

Resources: Windmills

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This activity is from the SUPA Clubs programme for children aged 5 to 11 at primary school. Every SUPA Clubs session is Bible-based and helps the children to learn more about God through story, puzzles, games, craft and play.

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