Understanding the SchoolsLive brands

The material on SchoolsLive is divided into three brands, SUPA clubs for use in primary schools, re:source 11–14s and re:source 14+ both for use in secondary schools.

Within the 11-14 and 14+ brands, there are also activities aimed at those who are less familiar with the Bible and church.  These activities are called Base Camp and you can find out more by visiting SchoolsLive Base Camp.

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SUPA Clubs

SUPA clubs (primary school age) logo

Supa Club is particularly designed for leaders of lunchtime or after-school Christian groups in primary schools. It is highly versatile and could easily be adapted for church midweek clubs.

There are three terms worth of outlines each year. Each term followings a theme, story or character from the Bible, which together with special outlines for festivals and special occasions gives material for every week of the school year. Each session stands on its own with a catch-up from the week before. It is written assuming that the children have little or no Bible knowledge. It is very easy to use, with leaders’ notes, and resources such as craft sheets.

The leaders’ notes contain suggestions for ways to tell the Bible story, games, crafts, songs, memory verses and prayer activities, and group leaders can select the elements that are appropriate for their group and the time available. 

Visit the Discussion forums to get advice from our experienced team of primary schools workers, share stories from your group and give us your feedback about SchoolsLive.



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re:source is for anyone involved in running, or thinking about running, a Christian group in a secondary school. Whether you’re a pupil, teacher or visitor, you will find loads of ideas and activities and be able to tailor the sessions to the young people in your group.

re:source is divided into two age groups, 11–14s and 14+. There is a meeting outline for each week of the school year. There are activities suitable for groups where most of the young people don’t know very much about being a Christian or what the Bible teaches and groups where most young people are more familiar with the Bible

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