SchoolsLive FAQ

SchoolsLive is designed to be intuitive and simple to use but we're aware you may still have some questions. This section of SchoolsLive seeks to give straight forward answers to the questions we think you might ask. Click on any of the questions below to see the relevant answers.

Using SchoolsLive

Using the search function

Using SchoolsLive

Where do I start?
If you're having trouble knowing where to start or what you should do first, take the SchoolsLive Tour. The tour will guide you through the principles of using SchoolsLive one step at a time, using screen shots to make sure you don't miss out any important features.

Should I set up one group for all my work with children and young people or one for each of the groups I work with?

You should set up one group for each of the children's or young people's groups you work with. This will allow you to manage each programme individually.

What sort of group should I set up?

If you wish to follow the SchoolsLive syllabus, you should set up a group with the relevant brand to automatically pull through the default material for your sessions (which you can edit, adapt and add to later). To find out which brand is right for you go to the 'Understanding the SchoolsLive brands' page

How do I add team members to my group?

You can add team members to your group by clicking on the 'groups' tab above. On the group editor page, fill in the 'Add new team member' box. If the person you wish to add to your team is already registered with any part of the Scripture Union website, they will automatically be added to your group and they will be informed by email. If the person you wish to add is not registered with Scripture Union, we will send out an invitation on your behalf, inviting them to register. If they accept this invitation they will be automatically added to your group upon completion of the registration process.

How do I assign a team member to a session? And does SchoolsLive automatically notify them?

You can assign a team member to a session by clicking on the 'edit team members' link while editing a session. You will find this link at the bottom of the right hand column of the session editor page. SchoolsLive does not automatically notify team members when they have been assigned but you can email them from the groups page.

Can I still use SchoolsLive if not all of my leaders want to plan this way?

Yes, SchoolsLive allows you to save and print any sessions you create which you can then email or pass on to other group leaders who are not using SchoolsLive.

Can I print off a rota of who I've assigned when?

Not at the moment but we've got a whole lot of changes we're hoping to make in the coming weeks and months to make your experience of SchoolsLive even better.

How do I change the date of the session?

You can change the date of a session by clicking on the 'edit' link which you'll find in the 'session overview' column on the left hand side of the session editor page. Here you'll be able to change the scheduled date of the session, assign team members and add additional information that you feel the other leaders might need.

What does it mean to apply the date change to subsequent sessions?

If you select this option when changing the date of a session, all session scheduled after the session you are editing will also move to fall in line with this amendment. For example, if you move a session from a Monday (when it is scheduled for by default) to a Wednesday, all other sessions after this date will also move to a Wednesday. If you are not happy with a change, you can click on the 'reset to default' button at the top of the programme editor page.

How can I plan my session with other leaders?

Using SchoolsLive to plan with other leaders can be done in different ways...

  • You could all meet together around the computer and plan your sessions at the same time or
  • You can plan on your own and then let team members check what has been planned online

All members of a group are able to login and make changes to the programme or see changes/plans that have already been made for them. Once any group member has made changes to the programme, they will be saved for all members of the group to see. Therefore, any other group member logging in at a later date will be able to see what has been planned.

You may to choose to have one leader who manages the programme and makes all the changes that the rest of the group can see, print or save, or you may prefer to let individual team members make their own changes for their particular group and session.

What does ‘Bible knowledge’ mean and how is it used?

Each activity in the re:source 11-14s and 14+ brands is given a rating for the kind of group they are best suited to. Activities rated ‘little Bible knowledge’ are most suitable for young people who don’t know very much about God, the Bible and what it means to be a Christian. The activities rated ‘Some Bible knowledge’ are more suitable for young people who have a relationship with God and are interested in growing as a Christian. The activities with no rating are suitable for everyone.

If you tell SchoolsLive what kind of group you have, it will suggest the most appropriate activities for your group.

Using the search function

Can I type in a Bible passage and find activities?
Yes! Every activity in SchoolsLive has been referenced with the Bible passage it's associated with. Simply type in the Bible reference to see if we have any activities that match your requirements. You don't have to search by Bible reference though. You can search for anything you think we may have material on such as seasons, Biblical themes, Bible characters and much more. Once you have searched, you can also narrow your search by using the filters available to you. Perhaps you want to search for Noah and then narrow your search by age group and then further still by activity type.

How do I set up a session from scratch?

Look for the search box at the bottom of the programme editor page that asks you to 'search for a session to add'. Beneath this option, there is a second option to 'add a custom session'. If you click on this you'll be asked to give your custom session a name and a date, and you'll also be able to add some other information such as the associated Bible passage and any team members who you wish to run this session. Once you've filled in this information, you will be presented with a search box to find activities to fill your session. Use the information above about searching to find relevant activities.

How do I add material from another session?

When editing a session, you'll be presented with a search box beneath the default activities which you can use to find other activities to add to your session. Follow the advice above about searching or, if you know the name of an activity, try searching for that directly. When you have found an activity you wish to add, there will be an 'Add to session' button which you can use to add the activity to the session you were editing. You will then be taken back to the session editor screen, ready to choose or add another activity.

How do I search for material for a particular topic?

You can search SchoolsLive using the methods described above or by clicking on the 'search' tab at the top right of the site. However you choose to search, the principle on searching is the same. Enter the search word of your choice into the search box. You can search for anything you like but you will get better results if you are clear on what you are searching for. You could search for a Season, a Bible character, a Bible story, a Bible reference, a theme or an activity type (amongst many other things). You can narrow your results down by using the advanced search filters to help you find something that suits you and your group.