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Groups come in all shapes and sizes and we know that no resource will fit your group perfectly.  You have also told us that there are some young people who come to your groups who are not very familiar with the Bible and they don’t get some of the things that Christians believe and do.

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It is great that they want to be part of your group and to help them get the most out of your sessions we have written some brand new activities designed especially for them.

These new activities are called Base Camp. They have been especially written to enable those who are less familiar with Christianity to engage with the Bible through SchoolsLive.  The Bible is still at the heart of these activities but way that the Bible is used is intended to be more accessible.

You’ll find a Base Camp activity in each Connecting section.  Where necessary, there are also a few in some of the Responding sections.
To make the most of this new resource, read the Connecting activity that SchoolsLive has recommended for you (the ticked activity based on the information about your group that you told SchoolsLive when you set your group up).  If this activity is not suitable for your group, then read and select the Base Camp activity.

Base Camp activities might seem longer than other activities.  The reason for this is that we have not wanted to assume any background, or prior, knowledge.  We have therefore explained everything in lots of detail so that someone who knows nothing about God or the Bible will still be able to know what is going on.

We hope that you find Base Camp useful and that the activities really do help everyone who comes to your group to enjoy discovering about our great God.

We would love to hear how your group is going, what you think of Base Camp and any suggestions you might have to make SchoolsLive even better.  Don’t forget that you can contact us using the Discussion Forums or the Helpline.