Local Mission Partners

The scheme is a partnership between SU and a local group of Christians comprised of representatives of the local Christian community.

The local group of Christians usually form themselves into a Trust/Company (for employment purposes) or a Support/Management Group (when not actually employing a worker).

Each Local Mission Partner is encouraged to be a local expression of Scripture Union, reflecting its aims and working principles in ways appropriate to the work and locality.

Hear about how Scripture Union can help local groups with a vision to engage with their local community:

Local Mission Partners - Simon Barker

Local Mission Partners - Tim Hastie-Smith

If you want to know more please contact sulocal@scriptureunion.org.uk.

Hear from some of our current Local Mission Partners:

Why become a Scripture Union Local Mission Partner?

CICS Local Mission Partner in Calderdale:

Some frequently asked questions:

What support do you get from Scripture Union when setting up a trust?

What ongoing support will you get from Scripture Union?

What advice would you give to trustees to help them positively fulfil their role?

What would you say to someone setting up a trust?

What makes a good trustee?

What long term benefits have you seen from being a Local Mission Partner?

What personal benefits as a school worker have you had from being part of the Local Mission Partnership?