theGRID (for 11 to 14s)

11 to 14s can be possibly one of the most difficult ages to communicate effectively with. One minute you can be having an in-depth conversation about the nature of God and the next they want to chat with their friends about the latest cool fashion accessory! They can be very grown-up at times but still occasionally show flashes of the child within. theGRID will encourage a sophisticated relationship with God, not shying away from questions that the young people themselves are asking, but also wants to let that faith grow in a fun and lively environment.

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Choose theGRID for 11 to 14s because

  • It includes creative activity suggestions suitable for traditional Sunday groups, cell groups, and open youth groups

  • Young teenagers are faced with many challenges, so theGRID is sensitive to their world and resources leaders to meet their needs appropriately.

Taster session

To see how theGRID works, visit the theGRID (for 11 to 14s) taster page.

Order theGRID

To order theGRID, visit the Light shop or call our Mail Order department on 0845 07 06 006. theGRID and the other products in the Light range are also available from your local Christian retailer.

Looking for the web resources?

All of the additional resources to accompany your session (that you used to find on the CD-ROM) are still available for free to registered members of the Light website. Use the links below to access the resources or to sign up.