Xstream (for 8 to 11s)

Children aged 8 to 11 like to have fun! They like to be with their friends and are growing increasingly independent. Most still like the opportunity to play games and to be creative, but they will shy away from anything that feels too babyish. Their capacity to learn is enormous and most can read quite well. Feed their imaginations with Xstream and allow them space to ask the questions about the things that younger children take for granted. Xstream encourages 8 to 11s to live their daily lives for God.

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Choose Xstream for 8 to 11s because

  • It will help your group to discover for themselves awesome things about God through the Bible

  • The pick ā€˜nā€™ mix approach and variety of activities help 8 to 11s apply what they learn to their daily lives.

Taster session

To see how Xstream works, visit the Xstream (for 8 to 11s) taster page.

Order Xstream

To order Xstream, visit the Light shop or call our Mail Order department on 0845 07 06 006. Xstream and the other products in the Light range are also available from your local Christian retailer.

Looking for web resources?

If you were looking for the free accompanying web resources to enhance your Xstream session, please visit the Web Resources / Downloads page.