Light Syllabus

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You can get the most up-to-date versions of the Light syllabus using the links below. You can also download older syllabus information on the right of this page:

Light syllabus 2016 to 2017
Light syllabus 2015 to 2016
Light syllabus 2014 to 2015

About the Light syllabus

Scripture Union has created the Bible-based Light syllabus with the help of Bible scholars, education experts, and children's and youth leaders.  

The Light syllabus is on a three-year cycle. If group members keep on learning with Light for three years, they will gain a good grasp of all the key events and teachings of the Bible.

Aim of the syllabus

Light is very clearly Bible-focused. It enables children, young people and adults to develop a personal relationship with Christ, to understand the Bible and the Christian faith, and to live for God as light in a dark world.The syllabus will enable churches of all denominations and traditions to integrate the Light programme with teaching of their own emphases, practices, history and mission.

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Selection of Bible passages

The Bible passages offer a balanced view of who God is, what he is like, what he has done, is doing and will do. Everyone will be able to follow the story of salvation that runs though the Bible with its focus clearly on Jesus. At the beginning of each three-year cycle Light begins with Genesis and starts going through the Old Testament. The New Testament, running concurrently, follows the Church year, with Advent, Christmas, Easter, and Pentecost sessions coming at the appropriate times. Between Pentecost and October there are stories about the young Church, and various Gospel series are interspersed throughout the year. Each quarter has a balance of Old and New Testament passages.


Each series lasts between two and five weeks. It explores a big theme about God, so leaders are able to drop some sessions from a series if they need to, and group members will still grasp the Bibles message. Scripture Union also recognises that attendance at groups or services may be sporadic, so this approach also helps with this kind of situation.

All age groups stick with the same theme each time, but the Bible passage(s) from which they explore it may differ for children aged 5 and under, for 11 to 14s and in the adult sermons. This occasional variety can add richness and depth to a church's learning, as people see how the same God is faithfully at work through different Bible events.

Syllabus for different age groups

Splash! and Xstream follow the core Light syllabus.

Children aged 5 and under usually follow the same syllabus, but diverge occasionally from it to use a Bible passage more appropriate to their age group or when they need to spend more time on a particular subject, such as Christmas.

The syllabus for theGRID relates to the core Light syllabus, but has a strong link with issues that young people face.