God's champions

In the special sports edition of Xstream (July - September 2012) we feature interviews with Christians who are involved with sport. Below you'll find more in-depth versions of the interviews plus some extra people too!

God's champion: Alice

Name: Alice Langtree

Your sport (s): walking and supporting others involved in special sports

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Alice Langtree

God's champion: Andrew

Name: Andrew Gray

Your sport (s): cycling; it used to be weight training but I got too old and kept hurting myself lifting weights!

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Andrew Gray

God's champion: Bex

Name: Bex Lewis

Your sport (s): I love trying lots of different sports, particularly extreme sports, although I have to overcome a fear barrier for heights! – so I guess my favourite sport is “trying something new”

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Bex Lewis

God's champion: Bryony

Name: Bryony Sewell

Your sport (s): netball is my favourite, also hockey

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Bryony Sewell

God's champion: Cath

Name: Cath Lyden

Your sport (s): netball is my favourite, but I like long-distance running too

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Cath Lyden

God's champion: Conrad

Name: Conrad Haswell

Your sport (s): football, snowboarding, table tennis, bowling

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Conrad Haswell

God's champion: Fritha

Name: Fritha Roberts

Your sport (s): horse riding , in particular eventing

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Fritha Roberts

God's champion: Geoff

Name: Geoff Brown

Your sport (s): football and cycling

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Geoff Brown

God's champion: Hil

Name: Hil Sewell

Your sport (s): netball

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Hil Sewell

God's champion: Joshua

Name: Joshua Smith

Your sport (s): rock climbing, ultimate frisbee

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Joshua Smith

God's champion: Laura

Name: Laura Johns

Your sport (s): surfing, rock climbing (favourite!),mountain biking

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Laura Johns

God's champion: Neil

Name: Neil Jackson

Your sport (s): football, athletics

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Neil Jackson

God's champion: Rachel

Name: Rachel Wild

Your sport (s): Roller Derby

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Rachel Wild

God's champion: Richard

Name: Richard Atkins

Your sport (s): football plus cricket, golf, tennis

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Richard Atkins

God's champion: Richard

Name: Richard Witham

Your sport (s): rugby; when time permits I also play cricket, golf, tennis, squash

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Richard Witham

God's champion: Roger

Name: Roger Collis

Your sport (s): cycling (mountainbiking – cross-country and downhill, also road time trialling and road riding for fun)

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Roger Collis

God's champion: Ryan

Name: Ryan Ries

Your sport (s): skateboarding

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Ryan Ries

God's champion: Sarah

Name: Sarah Bingham

Your sport (s): cricket (favourite), badminton,hockey, rounders, track running and cross-country; like watching football and rugby

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Sarah Bingham

God's champion: Simon

Name: Simon Barker

Your sport (s): football, cycling, tennis, swimming

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Simon Barker

God's champion: Tanja

Name: Tanja Perch

Your sport (s): snowboarding and skiing

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Tanja Perch

God's champion: Wayne

Name: Wayne Dixon

Your sport (s): football, plus table tennis, badminton,basketball, tennis and volleyball

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Wayne Dixon