Why run a Light Party?

Why have a ‘Light’ party? Because it seems like the right thing to do? Because you would like to provide an alternative to the secular celebrations? Because your church has always had one?
Whatever our reasons it can be increasingly hard to ignore Halloween:

Halloween is now a major event in the calendar

Halloween is now the third highest spending festival, behind Christmas and Easter. Yes, it’s even bigger than Valentine’s Day in terms of what we spend in the shops according to retail research (£300 million, up from just £12 million in 2001).*

*Planet retail research, 2011

We want halloween to have more positive associations

Its growth has been fuelled by the popularity of books and films such as Harry Potter and Twilight, which feature witches, wizards and vampires. But it is also the Christian festival of All Hallows’ Eve and All Saints’ Day, which remembers the lives of those Christians who gave up everything for their faith in Jesus. Most children know nothing of this…

Halloween has a long history of being allied with Christianity

Halloween can be a difficult time for Christian children’s leaders. In many churches there is a suspicion of the festival – some opt for ignoring it completely, others for setting up a Christian ‘alternative’ to the celebrations. But Halloween has a long history of being allied with Christianity, and taking some time to think about how best to mark this time of year can result in confident celebrations that draw children into a deep, rich understanding of light, darkness, sin, salvation, death and new life.

What better excuse for a party than Jesus, the Light of the World?   

Jesus loved social occasions – he’s mentioned as attending a number of them in the gospels. Ours is a message of joy and hope, which is a much better basis for a party than ghouls and ghosts!

Whatever you chose to do it’s good to prepare.

Children will have lots of questions about Halloween in general, and why ‘Light’ and not a mainstream party. Knowing the answers yourself means that you’ll be able to help children take part in your events and consider Halloween in a different light.