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Activity: afterlife checklist

Session: The afterlife?

Bible reference: 1 Timothy 6:6-19, Amos 6:1a, Amos 6:4-7, Luke 16:19-31, Luke 16:19–31, Psalm 146

Themes: Afterlife, Death, Life

Why: to remember what has been learned about heaven and hell

With: paper, pens, Bibles

Duration time: 20 minutes

Description: 1 Explain that the group should now have a good understanding of what heaven and hell are and are not like.

2 Distribute a sheet of paper to each young person. On their paper encourage them to draw a line down the centre. On one side of the line they should write ‘Hell is…’, and then ‘Heaven is…’ on the other. Invite them to work on their own to list anything they can remember from this session that relates to either heaven or hell. This could include not only words from the main Bible verses, but also things that they now know from the discussions that don’t apply to heaven and hell – things such as hell being the place where dead people go to have fun.

3 Allow them to sit in silence and meditate for a while on the words they have now written about the two places. Do they need to change anything in their life because of it? Or do they want to tell anyone they know about what they have found out?
4 Close with a moment or two of silence in which individual group members can close their eyes and pray to God in any way they like about these issues.


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This activity is from theGRID programme for young people aged 11 to 14. Every session of theGRID is Bible-based and uses a mixture of Bible study, games, drama, presentations and meditation to encourage the young people in their walk with God.

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