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Activity: Picture Bible story

Session: Lydia Joins the church

Bible reference: Acts 16:1–15, Acts 16:9-15, Psalm 67

Themes: Goes with his people, Is always with me

Why: to learn that Lydia and her friends were sure that God was with them

With: pictures from below (for more impact, enlarge, cut out, colour and glue the pictures on separate cards), a copy of pictures page below for each child, Bubbles Big Sheets 3; ideas for making booklets (see below)

Duration time: 10-15 minutes

Description: 1 Look at the story picture of Lydia on Big Sheet 3 and discuss what you can – and cannot – see. Explain that you will tell the Bible story and ask the children to listen carefully so they know what should be in the space on the Big Sheets. Tell the story as follows, using the large pictures from page 24:

(Picture 1)
Lydia went off to work every day. She bought cloth from the people who wove it from flax plants. Lydia dyed the plain cloth purple. Then she sold it to be made into clothes. Only rich people could afford purple cloth, so Lydia became rich herself.

(Picture 2)
At night, Lydia went home to her big house. She had servants to look after her, and she had to tell them what to do. Lydia was very busy, but she always made time to talk to God. ‘Even though I’m busy,’ she thought, ‘I need God to help me.’ On one day every week, Lydia didn’t work. Instead she sat with her friends by the river where they prayed. ‘Thank you, God, that you’re with us,’ Lydia said.

(Picture 3)
One day, Paul and his friends Timothy, Silas and Luke came to pray beside the river. Remember Paul? We’ve heard about him – but Lydia hadn’t met him before. He began to talk about Jesus. Lydia listened and at once, she realised that she needed to know Jesus. She was rich and very busy, but she needed something more in her life. Paul explained how to become a friend of Jesus.

(Picture 4)
Lydia wanted to help them because they had helped her join the church. ‘Come and stay in my house,’ she asked them. From then on, Lydia was even more sure that God was with her – when she needed him at work, when she needed him at home, when she went to pray. Now God had given her what she needed most – her new friend, Jesus!

2 What or who goes in the space on the Big Sheets? Let the children draw Paul and his friends telling Lydia about Jesus.

3 Remind the children that Lydia was very happy to become a friend of Jesus. Are they friends of Jesus? How does that make them feel?

4 Guide the children to make their own booklets about Lydia, using the pictures from belwo. See ‘Ideas for making booklets’ below.

Resources: Bubbles Big Sheet 3, Ideas for making booklets for 'Picture Bible story, Story pictures for 'Picture Bible story'

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This activity is from the Bubbles programme for children aged 5 and under. Every Bubbles session is Bible-based and uses play, story and craft to help the children to get to know God.

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