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Activity: Bible story with pictures

Session: Lost coin

Bible reference: Luke 15:8-10, Splash- More about Bible cards for group leaders, Splash- My child the Bible and me

Themes: Parable of the lost coin, Rescue

Why: To discover that Jesus’ mission is to find the lost

With: 'Pictures of the lost coin for 'Bible story with pictures'', pictures from 'Pictures of Jesus' stories for 'Bible story with pictures'', the story on PowerPoint at 'PowerPoint of the lost coin 'Bible story with pictures'', Bible Timeline (optional)

Duration time: 20 minutes

Description: 1 Prepare

Before the session, hide the individual pictures – cut out from page 23 (Web 2) – around the room where the children will be allowed to search.

2 Play

Tell the children that you’ve lost some pictures that are needed for today’s story. Encourage the children to help you find all the pictures.

3 Think

Ask the children if they can think of some ways Jesus helped people to learn about God. Make sure they include telling stories! If you have a Bible Timeline, the pictures of Jesus would be helpful. Can they find the picture of Jesus telling stories? How many of Jesus’ stories can they think of? (You could use the pictures from Web 1 to give them clues about some of Jesus’ stories.)

4 Story

During the story, get the children to find and put in order the cut-out pictures from page 23. Alternatively, use the PowerPoint presentation downloaded from Web 3. Jesus’ story:

There was once a lady who had ten silver coins, which were very precious to her. She kept them very safe. Sometimes she would count her coins just to make sure they were all still there. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten. Yes! All there. (Show picture 1.)

One day the lady was counting out her coins when she got a shock. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine – nine – oh no! One coin was missing!! What should she do? (Show picture 2.)

The lady knew what to do. She lit a lamp to make sure she had lots of light. She needed to search everywhere, even in the dark corners of her house. (Show picture 3.)

Then the lady took a broom and began to sweep her house. She thought, ‘Surely, if the coin is here, I will find it.’ (Show picture 4.)

First she swept her kitchen. There was lots of dust, some onion skins and a brown pea. But did she find her coin? No! (Show picture 5.)

Then she swept her lounge. There was lots of dust, an old birthday card and a dead woodlouse. But did she find her coin? No! (Show picture 6.)

Then she swept her bathroom. There was lots of dust, an old piece of soap and two dead woodlice. But did she find her coin? No! (Show picture 7.)

Finally she swept her bedroom. There was lots of dust, an old toy and four dead woodlice! But did she find her coin? (Show picture 8.)

Yes! Under her bed in the dust, with the toy and the woodlice was her precious coin. (Show picture 9.)

She picked it up and put it with the other nine. She was so happy! She counted her coins: One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten! Yes, she was very happy again. (Show picture 10.)

She went to tell her neighbours and her friends, and invited them to a party that evening saying, ‘Let’s celebrate! I’ve found the coin I lost!’ (Show picture 11.)

Jesus said that there is also celebration in heaven in the company of God’s angels every time one person chooses to be friends with God.

5 Respond

Ask the children why they think Jesus told this story. (To know that God sent Jesus to find ‘lost’ people so we can be friends of God.)

How do the children think the lady felt when she lost her coin? Say that God also feels like this when he ‘loses us’, that is, when we choose to ignore God and do things our own way.

Ask: ‘How did the lady feel when she found her coin?’ Say that God is extremely happy when he ‘finds us’, when we choose to do things God’s way and be his friend. When this happens, Jesus said there is a party in heaven, just like the one the lady in the story held.

6 Tell it again

Encourage the children to retell the story using the pictures. This activity leads nicely into the Living the life activity, ‘Find the coin’.

Resources: Pictures of Jesus' stories for 'Bible story with p, Pictures of the lost coin for 'Bible story with pi, PowerPoint of the lost coin 'Bible story with pict

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This activity is from the Splash! Programme for children aged 5 to 8. Every Splash! session is Bible-based and helps the children to learn more about God through story, puzzles, games, craft and play.

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