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Activity: Names of Jesus

Session: Knowing Jesus

Bible reference: Isaiah 51:1–6, Matthew 16:13–20, Psalm 138:1–8, Romans 12:1–8

Themes: Amazing, Challenges us

Why: to think about what Peter said about Jesus

With: paper, crayons

Duration time: 5 minutes

Description: 1 Fold a piece of paper into three parts for each child.

2 Say that Jesus is called different things in the Bible. Last time we thought about how Jesus is our friend. Can you think of any other friends that you have? Draw a picture of your friend on one part of the paper.

3 Sometimes Jesus is called ‘teacher’. Can you think of anything that Jesus teaches us? Can you think of anyone else who teaches you? Draw a picture of a teacher on another part of the paper.

4 Peter called Jesus ‘the Son of God’. Can you think of anyone else called that? No! It is only Jesus who is the Son of God. Peter was amazed when he realised that his friend and teacher was also the Son of God. Draw a picture of Jesus, the Son of God, on the final part of the paper.


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This activity is from the Bubbles programme for children aged 5 and under. Every Bubbles session is Bible-based and uses play, story and craft to help the children to get to know God.

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