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Activity: Make a man

Session: Jesus and Bartimaeus

Bible reference: Bubbles- Feature - Mission impossible, Hebrews 7:23-28, Mark 10:46–52

Themes: Rescues, Wants to be my friend

Why: to know that Jesus can do amazing things

With: Bartimaeus and faces template below copied on to card for each child, child-safe scissors, Blu-tack, envelopes, Big Bonus Sheet C

Duration time: 10 minutes

Description: 1 Give each child a copy of the Bartimaeus model and help them to cut it out. Help them to cut out the faces and fix Blu-tack to the back of each.

2 Ask the children if they can remember the amazing thing that happened in the story. Can they remember how Bartimaeus felt? Tell or review the Bible story (‘A man by the road’ from Big Bonus Sheet C or below), encouraging the children to use their cut-out faces as you do.

3 Allow time during the session for the children to use their models to tell the story to a leader or another child if they wish.

4 Put the model and faces into an envelope and, if possible, provide each child with a copy of the story. Encourage them to share the story of the amazing things Jesus can do, with their family and friends at home.

Resources: Bartimaeus for 'Expressions story', Bubbles Big Bonus Sheet C, Story words for 'Using Bubbles'

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This activity is from the Bubbles programme for children aged 5 and under. Every Bubbles session is Bible-based and uses play, story and craft to help the children to get to know God.

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