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Activity: Be a donkey

Session: Easter is coming!

Bible reference: Luke 19:28-40, Luke 22:7–23

Themes: Luke, Palm Sunday

Why: To remember how Jesus rode on a donkey while the people cheered

With: Photocopiable template for 'Be a donkey', grey paper, scissors, sticky tape, glue, grey ribbon or strips of fabric, grey felt (optional)

Duration time: 5 minutes

Description: 1 Help the children to make some donkey ears. Give each child two ears, made using the template from the Photocopiable template. Fasten these to a strip of paper and wrap it round the child’s head. Fasten the ends of the strip together to make a headband with ears. Make a tail with the grey ribbon and you could add on a fabric or paper tuft. Use the template provided. Tuck the tail into the child’s waistband or fasten it to a belt.

2 Let the children pretend to be donkeys and crawl round the room braying.

3 Sing this song with the children to the tune of ‘I’m a little teapot’. You could add some actions.

I’m a little donkey, small and grey.

Here’s my tail, here’s my bray. (Hee-haw!)

With Jesus on my back, hear people say,

‘Praise to God! Hip, hip, hooray!’

Resources: Photocopiable template for 'Be a donkey'

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This activity is from the Bubbles programme for children aged 5 and under. Every Bubbles session is Bible-based and uses play, story and craft to help the children to get to know God.

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