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Activity: Bible story picture

Session: Barnabas and Paul

Bible reference: Acts 13:13–52

Themes: Goes with his people, Is always with me

Why: to be sure that God is with us, wherever we go

With: several copies of the picture (printed on A4 paper) for each child or enlarged copies for group use, art and craft materials

Duration time: 5-10 minutes

Description: 1 You can use the picture as an introduction to the Bible story or to help you review the story together.

2 Look at the Bible-story picture and identify Paul and Barnabas. Can the children remember what they are doing? Paul and Barnabas are friends of Jesus and they want everyone to be friends of Jesus too. So they tell everyone they meet about Jesus.

3 Let the children colour in the two figures of Paul and Barnabas.

4 Pretend they are talking to the people in the group. What will they say? Help the children to speak words for Paul and Barnabas, perhaps, ‘Jesus wants to be your friend’; or, ‘Jesus loves you.’

5 As each person in the crowd hears the good news, pause and colour in that part of the picture. Then tell the next person, and so on.

6 Explain that Paul and Barnabas went from town to town, telling people about Jesus. Put the completed pictures to one side and repeat the activity with new people to tell in a new place!

Resources: Bible story picture 'Barnabas and Paul'

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This activity is from the Bubbles programme for children aged 5 and under. Every Bubbles session is Bible-based and uses play, story and craft to help the children to get to know God.

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