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Activity: Bible story with Splash! 11

Session: Ask, search and knock

Bible reference: Colossians 2:6-19, Genesis 18:20-32, Luke 11:1-13, Luke 11:5–13, Psalm 138, Splash- More about Bible cards for group leaders, Splash- My child the Bible and me

Themes: Ask seek knock, Communicates, Talks and listens

Why: To be inspired to talk with God in the way he wants us to.

With: Splash! 11, SU Bible Timeline, Speech bubbles from page 71.

Duration time: 20 minutes

Description: 1 Bible Timeline

If possible, get speech-bubble-shaped Post-it notes or use the speech bubbles on page 71. Ask the children to each stick a Post-it note on a person on the Bible Timeline who they think might have needed help from God. Discuss what these characters might have said when they talked with God. Explain that, just like people in the Bible, we can talk with God. Say that we are going to listen to a story Jesus told which helps us to understand how to talk with God in the way he wants us to.

2 Story with Splash! 11

Help the children to cut out the pictures of the man and his friend from Splash! 11. Read Luke 11:5–9 from a child-friendly Bible, such as the Good News Bible or Contemporary English Version (the text of the CEV is available free of charge on www.biblegateway.com).
Ask the children to glue the man and his friend onto the correct part of the picture on the Splash! sheet. Discuss how the man talked with his friend and how his friend responded. Challenge them to think about how we can talk with God, and how they think God responds to us. Then help the children to cut out the picture of Jesus. Ask them to listen to Luke 11:9–13 and then to stick Jesus onto the next picture. Say that Jesus was explaining to his disciples that God is our heavenly father. Like the man in the story, God wants us to be brave and confident when we talk with him. He wants us to keep on talking with him and to trust that he hears us and gives us good things. The words ‘ask’, ‘search’ and ‘knock’ remind us of this.

3 Talk with God

Ask the children to draw their face in the circle on Splash! 11, then to cut it out and add it to the picture of Jesus talking to his disciples. Help them to draw or write in the speech bubble something they would like to say to God in response to the story. It could be a ‘thank you’ sentence or a sentence expressing a need. Invite the children to use their speech bubble to talk with God in prayer.

Resources: Activity magazine pages, Speech bubble templates for ‘Talking with God’

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This activity is from the Splash! Programme for children aged 5 to 8. Every Splash! session is Bible-based and helps the children to learn more about God through story, puzzles, games, craft and play.

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