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What the LightLive syllabus does

To download the most up-to-date syllabus documents, use the links below:
LightLive syllabus Jan–Jun 2019
LightLive syllabus 2018–19
Light syllabus 2017 to 2018
Light syllabus 2016 to 2017

You can also download older syllabus documents on the right of this page.

Light enables children, young people and adults to develop a personal relationship with Christ, to understand the Bible and the Christian faith, and to live for God as light in a dark world. The Light syllabus is about discovering who God is, what he is like, what he does and how we can get involved in that.

The Bible is ‘light to live by’ so it is the centre of every session of every age group in Light. Everyone will be able to follow the story of salvation that runs though the Bible, with its focus clearly on Jesus.

How the principles work out

Old Testament stories start with Genesis (in April 2008) and continue in chronological order, ranging across all types of Bible writing. New Testament stories are in chronological order, whenever possible, but the syllabus ensures that Christmas, Easter and Pentecost are included, at the appropriate times of year. All the key events of the New Testament are covered within three years.

Sessions are arranged in ‘series’ of up to four sessions on a part of the Bible. Series will usually start on the first Sunday of a month. There is at least one series from the Old Testament in each three-month quarter. There is at least one series about Jesus in each three-month quarter. All-age service starters and complete all-age services are available to complement the age-group sessions.

All age groups explore the same theme about God each time. Splash! and Xstream age groups use the same Bible passage; theGRID and Bubbles will vary occasionally but will still be learning the same big news about God.