theGRID (11 to 14s)

11 to 14s are possibly one of the most difficult ages to communicate effectively with. One minute you can be having an in-depth conversation about the nature of God and the next they want discuss the latest cool fashion accessory - which as an ancient leader (that is anyone over the age of 15) you will know nothing about.

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One minute they can be very sophisticated and the next the child within emerges. theGRID will encourage a sophisticated relationship with God, not shying away from questions that the young people themselves are asking, but will also encourage that faith to grow within a fun and lively environment.

Why choose theGRID?

  • Because it includes creative activity suggestions suitable for a traditional Sunday group, cell groups, open youth groups and even for larger celebration-type events. theGRID can help you in a multiple-ministry model of youth work, providing material to meet the needs of unchurched and churched young people, both on Sundays or midweek. Its flexibility is one of its strengths.
  • Because 11 to 14s should no longer be considered the top end of children's work. Scripture Union sees them as young teenagers. Children should not be encouraged to grow up too fast and become adults too soon, but theGRID is sensitive to the world in which they live and resources leaders to meet their needs appropriately.
  • Because theGRID provides resources that offer young people the opportunity to get to know Jesus and to grow in that relationship.
  • Because, in Jesus, 11 to 14s too can be light for the whole world.