Xstream (8 to 11s)

Children aged 8 to 11 like to have fun! They like to be with their friends and are growing increasingly independent. Most still like the opportunity to play games and to be creative, but they will shy away from anything that feels too babyish.

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Their capacity to learn is enormous and most can read quite well. Feed their imaginations with Xstream and allow them space to ask the questions about the things that younger children take for granted. Xstream encourages 8 to 11s to live their daily lives for God.


Why choose Xstream?

  • Because it's a great way to reach 8 to 11s and to help them know Jesus. As a starting point, Xstream will help your group to discover awesome things about God through the Bible.
  • Because it contains all the ideas you need to run a great session. At the heart of each session is a choice of ways to get into the Bible. There is a Bible-focused aim for every session and a wealth of activities to help you to achieve this aim with your group. There are fun, introductory games and thoughtful ways to help group members carry what they have learnt into their daily lives. The pick 'n' mix approach ensures there will always be something good, enjoyable and memorable for everyone.
  • Because, in Jesus, 8 to 11s too can be light for the whole world.

Additional Xstream resources

The Bible Timeline

A full-colour wall chart to help children and leaders grasp the big story of God's saving plan as seen in the Bible.

The Scripture Union Bible Timeline