Bubbles (5s and under)

Children aged 5 and under are bubbling with life; everything is new, exciting and just waiting to be discovered. They are in the busiest time of their lives when they will learn more than at any other time and, crucially, when their brains establish learning pathways.

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They are receptive to God, to hearing him in ways that many of us have lost as we have grown up and to having the sort of faith that Jesus wants us all to have..

Why choose Bubbles?

  • Because God wants to introduce young children to himself through Jesus. He valued children (Mark 10:14) and made them the role model for the kingdom of God (Matthew 18:5), and God delights in their praises (Psalm 8:2). We have the privilege and responsibility of nurturing their understanding of God and their spiritual lives and Bubbles gives us exactly the right tools to help us do it.
  • Because children grow and develop more in their first five years than at any other time. Bubbles uses methods based on play and story. It applies what we know about child and faith development and the ways young children learn. It enables children to connect with the Bible and to develop a personal relationship with God.
  • Because, in Jesus, 5s and under too can be light for the whole world.