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New to Light?

Light is the exciting range of resources from Scripture Union, designed for ministry with children, young people and all ages together. Light gives the church a fresh discipleship tool to help leaders equip people of all ages to know Jesus Christ, to learn from God and to live boldly for him. Read more about the basic values of the Light range here. Basic values of Light

Light is ideal for use with children’s groups on Sundays, in midweek Christian groups, at youth clubs and with children's prayer groups.

Magazines alongside LightLive

The Light range includes Bubbles for 5s and under, Splash! for 5 to 8s, Xstream for 8 to 11s, theGRID for 11 to 14s, SUbstance for 14 to 18s and a choice of materials for all-age worship. The material is available in print or online via LightLive.org.

There are extra resources in the Light range, such as the Bible Timeline, the award winning Big Bible Storybook and specially created songs and music for worship which you'll find out about further down the page.

Light related products


Bubbles, for 5s and under

Bubbles logo

Bubbles offers a range of activities to choose from for each session to help your group experience the Bible passage, respond to God and learn in the most age appropriate ways, through story and play. Use with Bubbles for Children, lively, colourful and A3 size activity sheets – big paper for small hands.

Read more on the Bubbles (5s and under) page...

Splash! for 5 to 8s

The Splash! programme encourages leaders to focus their session on the Bible passage. In each session there are two ways to engage with the Bible passage and options to introduce the themes of the passage and encourage the children to respond.

Splash! logo

Use these sessions with Splash! for Children, full-colour, A4 sheets integral to each session, which help the children to explore the Bible passage and live it out. It also includes glossy, full-colour, collectible Bible reading cards that are designed to encourage children to try Bible reading for themselves at home, alone or with an adult.

Read more on the Splash! (5 to 8s) page...


Xstream for 8 to 11s

Xstream logo

Each Xstream session gives leaders a choice of two ways to explore the Bible passage in depth with the children in their group. There are three ways to introduce the session and three ways to help the children respond to what they have learned.

There are also ideas to help the children learn a verse from the Bible and specially written songs to enhance the session.

Use these sessions with Xstream for Children, which contains a full-colour A5 size mini magazine for each session. It also includes glossy, full-colour, collectible Bible reading cards that are designed to encourage children to try Bible reading for themselves at home.

Read more on the Xstream (8 to 11s) page...


theGRID for 11 to 14s

theGRID encourages churches to think of 11 to 14s as ‘teens’ rather than as ‘older children’. theGRID programme includes activities for traditional Sunday groups, cell groups, open clubs and larger-scale celebration events.

theGrid logo  

The multimedia downloads offer the kind of contemporary, visual approach the age group needs, and theGRID lifestyle magazine has been designed with the young people clearly in mind.

Read more on the theGRID (11 to 14s) page...


SUbstance for 14 to 18s

The SUbstance logo

SUbstance is a discipleship course for older teens. It is thematic in approach but has the Bible running throughout. SUbstance will take your young people and bring them on in their faith. It is faithful to the Bible and relevant to the world in which they live. It provides a variety of activities to develop young people whatever their level of faith and Bible knowledge. It is produced termly, and is undated, so can be used at any time.

SUbstance is now available on LightLive!.


All-age worship

All-Age Service Annual

The All-Age Service Annual recognises the monthly pattern of all-age worship in many churches. It includes 15 creative all-age service outlines to see you right through the year.

All-Age products

The services cover all the  major Christian festivals, along with other significant occasions that you’ll want to celebrate together as an all-age congregation (for example, Mothering Sunday, Harvest and Remembrance Sunday).

Each outline provides an opportunity to introduce your all-age congregation to some of the themes being explored by children and young people using the Light age-group resources, with some outlines based on the relevant part of the Light syllabus. The All-Age Service Annual will be available soon on LightLive

Downloadable All-Age Service Starters

Visit the Light website to download a free all-age service starter to introduce the week’s Light theme before the children and young people go to their groups or as a summary when they join the congregation towards the end of the service. These will be integrated into LightLive in the near future.

Light for the Lectionary

Light for the Lectionary
provides all-age worship material for churches using the Revised Common (or Common Worship) Lectionary. This quarterly volume covers Sunday services and other special days.

Light for the Lectionary will be available on LightLive soon.


Children’s song CDs and downloads for 5 to 11s

Light for Everyone, Reach Up! and Bitesize Bible Songs include specially composed songs that link with the key themes in the Light syllabus. There are suggestions for using the songs all the way through Splash! and Xstream. They are available to purchase in the Music section of the Scripture Union shop. Bitesize Bible Songs 2 is available as downloads here.

Bitesize Bible songs covers


Bible Timeline for 5 to 11s

The Scripture Union Bible Timeline

Scripture Union’s Bible Timeline is based on the Light syllabus and shows the ‘big story’ of God’s salvation plan. Ideas for using the Bible Timeline creatively are included in the learning sessions for 5 to 11s.

The Bible Timeline is available here.


The Big Bible Storybook Timeline for 5s and under

Featuring the characters from the award winning Big Bible Storybook, this timeline helps young children begin to understand something of God’s salvation plan. The Big Bible Storybook timeline is available here.