What is Lifepath?

Lifepath is a Scripture Union project to help Christians in local communities organise an event to which they can invite local schools. It aims to give Junior school pupils the opportunity to explore the Christian faith through the lifepath of a well known historic Christian with a link to the location and to use this as a springboard to encourage them to reflect on their own lifepath.


As an event, Lifepath

  • happens in term time during the school day with teachers present
  • can work in indoor or outdoor venues
  • can take a story from any century
  • can last for as many days as there are schools wanting to attend
  • can happen at any point in the school year.

For schools, Lifepath

  • is appropriate for pupils of all faiths or none
  • is a day trip with special emphasis on RE or spiritual development
  • provides an opportunity to learn outside the classroom
  • is educationally valid, tying in with the national curriculum
  • fits within one school day.

For churches, Lifepath

  • is a great way for churches to work together on a larger project
  • is a great way to link in to the life of local schools
  • can provide opportunities for volunteers who may not be able to get involved in other church activities.

Lifepath details

Lifepath will look different in every location, where there are different stories to explore, yet there will be some consistent elements to the programme wherever it takes place.

  • A commitment to the core values and ethos of Lifepath – its educational validity in the context of a spiritual event based on the under lying theme of journey.
  • A pre-Lifepath assembly or visit to introduce schools to the concept.
  • An event which is professionally run on a sound financial basis with adequate public liability in place and a team which is appropriately vetted and trained.
  • A standard format to the day which includes four streams of workshops and opening and closing times together with elements of Collective Worship
  • A commitment to small groups led by volunteer group leaders.
  • A commitment to follow up which could be delivered in a range of ways.

A Lifepath team portrait A Lifepath team
Monks band at a Lifepath event Monks band leads worship
Juggler at Lifepath Juggling with a message
Children launching balloons Ready for a balloon launch
Puppet show at Lifepath Puppets with a story to tell
Children building a cairn at Lifepath Building a cairn to remember

A typical day

Arrive approx. 10am

Met by guides who lead them in small groups to the opening session.

During the day they undertake four workshops in their small groups

End the day with a closing worship session which encourages personal reflection.

Leave approx. 2.20

Finally, let those who have taken part assure you of the value that Lifepath can be.


  • It was the best day ever
  • I will have to persuade my mum and dad to take me [again!]
  • I enjoyed all the activities
  • We all thought the dramas were really funny
  • Thank you so much for a day of great fun and learning


  • It was brilliant to have a visit which reflected the Christian beliefs in a fun and exciting way
  • Everything was excellent – lovely atmosphere, great activities, superb planning


  • It was great seeing the children so excited / enthusiastic about an RE trip
  • The event exceeded my expectations
  • I loved it
  • It’s great to know there are so many people willing to volunteer their own time to a schools’ project

How to get involved

Our Count Me In website has details of all the local Lifepath events. See which is near you: Lifepath


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