Wastewatchers is a five-day holiday club for 5–11s, especially suitable for children who are not yet part of a church community. Explore the wonder of God's creation! Think about how we should be looking after what God has made! Discover the mess caused by disobeying God! Celebrate how Jesus can transform our lives through what he has done for us! Contains gripping and imaginative storytelling, creative Bible engagement, craft and game ideas, relationship-building opportunities and invites children to get to know God. Scripture Union has partnered with A Rocha, a Christian nature conservaiton organisation, to produce Wastewatchers. Find out more about them on the DVD plus five storytelling episodes. For this and other suitable resources, see below.

The sessions in this programme are:

  • Sunday Service 1: Introducing Wastewatchers Genesis 2:4–11
  • Day 1: From nothing to something Genesis 1–3; John 1
  • Day 2: From water into wine John 2
  • Day 3: From darkness to light John 9
  • Day 4: From death to life John 19,20
  • Day 5: From sadness to joy John 20
  • Sunday Service 2: John 21:1–19

Wastewatchers resource book cover, DVD cover, Little Green Pages

Additional resources can be found on the Wastewatchers downloads downloads page. 

  1. Wastewatchers - Holiday club resource book

    Wastewatchers is a holiday club programme with an environmental theme. Learn how God made a perfect world, but that it was spoilt by humans going their own way. Discover how Jesus can transform lives, turning darkness to light and sadness to joy! Find out how we can transform our own environment!

    Price: £12.99
  2. Wastewatchers DVD

    The Wastewatchers DVD accompanies the Wastewatchers holiday club programme. The storytelling section delightfully retells the five Bible stories in the programme. Told by Rachel Gardner and beautifully illustrated, each episode portrays the drama of the day's transformation! Also contains a training feature on reaching the families of children in the holiday club.

    Price: £19.99