Landlubbers is a five-day holiday club for 5–11s, espeically suitable for children who are not yet part of a Christian community. Landlubbers are pirates searching for hidden treasure on a desert island. They discover the greatest treasure of all - knowing Jesus. That's what the apostle Paul discovered and shared with Jesus' followers in Philippi. Contains gripping and imaginative storytelling, creative Bible engagement, craft and game ideas, relationship-building opportunities and invites children to get to know God. Landlubbers is supported by a DVD with five storytelling episodes. For this and other suitable resources, see below.

The sessions in this programme are:

  • Day 1 Prisoner's post: Philippians 1:1–14
  • Day 2 Skull hill: Philippians 2:1–11
  • Day 3 The light: Philippians 2:12–16
  • Day 4 Keep going: Philippians 3:8–16
  • Day 5 Shiver my timbers: Philippians 4:1–9

Our Downloads page contains additional resources to support you in running your holiday club.

  1. Landlubbers

    Join the Landlubbers as they give up their pirate life and learn how to live God's way. This five day holiday club explores the book of Philippians.

    Price: £12.99