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X:site is a regular community wide Bible based celebration event for children to have fun learning about Jesus

Organised in partnership by local churches and Scripture Union events combine games, music, videos, creative prayer, craft, drama, and Bible stories so that children can have fun learning about Jesus.

Looking for a X:site in your area?

From Devon to Carlisle there are X:site events throughout England and Wales. Click below to find out more information about the events happening in your area.

X:Site Birmingham X:Site Gloucester X:Site Cheltenham
Birmingham Gloucester Cheltenham
X:Site Forest of Dean X:Site Keyworth X:Site Keighley
Forest of Dean Keyworth Keighley
X:Site Inglewhite X:Site Carlisle X:Site Wyre
Inglewhite Carlisle Wyre
X:Site Sunderland X:Site Teeside X:Site Halifax
Sunderland Teeside Halifax

Wanting to volunteer at your local X:site?

Every X:site needs volunteers in a variety of roles to make it happen. Volunteers are need to work with small groups of children as well as those able to organise registration, lighting and sound, administration, publicity and the upfront programme. Visit our volunteering pages to find out more.

X:site resource bookComing soon! The X:site Resource Book: a complete three-year teaching programme, plus loads of advice and extra resources to support you in setting up and running your X:site event. FREE to all X:site leaders.

Interested in finding out more about starting a X:site near you?

Scripture Union would love to talk to you about how we can support local churches in your area, town or city to start an event.

For more information email us or ring 01908 856000