Praying for Schools

Got 30 seconds?

If so, you could make a difference in your local schools by praying for them now.

Just imagine Christians from all over the country and all denominations joining together to pray for our schools.

Please spend just a few moments praying for a local school.

Please pray for pupils and staff facing changes, challenges and new opportunities each term.

Time, Clock

How about praying regularly for your local schools? There could be others who are also keen to join you to pray for your local schools e.g. parents, teachers, governors, pupils.

How about setting up a 'Pray for schools group'? Please follow the link to 'Pray for schools' on how to set up a group and resources for prayer.


Making Every School A Prayed For School

Scripture Union is proud to be one of a number of organisations who are working together in the Pray for Schools project. Pray for Schools encourages Christians to get together and run a prayer event. Pray for Schools can provide everything you need to run a local event. Click here Pray for Schools to find out more or go to the Schools Workers pages (links on the left of this page) and contact your local Scripture Union worker. They will be able to tell you everything you need to know.

For further resources, including material to run a "Back to School with God" church service to pray for young people and school staff as they start a new school year, check out Scripture Union Scotland's website at