Groups in Schools

Scripture Union has a range of FREE resources for anyone interested in running a Christian group in school - click here

SchoolsLive a Scripture Union intitiativeSchoolsLive gives you free access to hundreds of session outlines for Primary aged groups (SUPA Club) and Secondary Groups (Re:source 11-14 & 14+). Along with a free newsletter and dedicated email support, SchoolsLive is here to support you in setting up and running Christian groups in schools.
Many Primary and Secondary Schools are open to Christians running a range of lunchtime and after-school clubs for their pupils. If you need help to get started go to our Resources
Are you starting a new group and what some tips? If so, download our Getting Started Guide which is full of useful tips and ideas.
SchoolsLive a Scripture Union intitiative
Guardians of Ancora app a Scripture Union intitiative Guardians of Ancora app a Scripture Union intitiative New!
We are really excited to be able to let you know about a whole new model for running a lunch time or after school club in a primary school. Since its launch, Guardians of Ancora has been played by thousands of children. Thanks to some innovative work by one of our Local Mission Partners, they can now experience Guardians of Ancora at school.
And the great news is that it is really simple to do, all the resources are freely available and up and down the country children are loving being part of these new clubs.
To introduce this to you we have produced an ebook in PDF format that contains everything you need to get started – session outlines, sample letters, tips and advice. To get your copy, click here
"We have been using the on-line material with our SU group this year and have found it really helpful. We do like the way it is set out in different sections and that there is an opportunity to pick and choose. Thanks again for the site. It is very helpful and does save time in planning."