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At Scripture Union, we are passionate about reaching children and young people with the good news of Jesus so that they can become lifelong disciples of Him. Sadly, research shows that even if children and young people have been fully involved in church, many of them give up on their faith as they go to university or enter their adult life.

Teenagers smilingAt Scripture Union, we wanted to take a look at the research and its conclusions, then explore the implications of this for parents, youth and children’s workers, and church leaders. It was in this context that the Sticky Faith Tour was born. The training seeks to look at the findings of the research carried out by the Fuller Youth Institute and then apply this to our own situations.Having considered what ‘Sticky Faith’ looks like and what some of the stumbling blocks to it are, delegates have the opportunity to explore how to put this into practice at church, home and school.

The Sticky Faith research encourages us to realise that it is never too early to begin building a faith that can last a lifetime. Come and join us at one of our training events to find out more.

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