HOPE and SU: joining together in mission

This year SU and HOPE are joining together in mission to reach more children and young people with the Gospel. When Jesus met people, their lives were transformed. HOPE Revolution wants to see 100,000 young people equipped to follow Jesus’ example.


'We want young people to dream big and take big risks as they put their faith into action. The Mission Academy has already shown that when young people are equipped, encouraged and released, they are the best way to creatively reach their own generation for Christ.! And the impact on the young people themselves is amazing. Their faith is energized as they find that God uses them.’

Phil Timson, HOPE Youth Director



With HOPE Revolution’s new Chatterbox, the Fun-Size Mission Academy becomes a one-page resource that can be completed by two or three young people in just four 30-45 minute sessions.
The aim is to enable groups of young people to see lives transformed in schools and communities as their friends discover who Jesus is and start following him for themselves.
You can watch the Chatterbox video and order the Chatterbox and Fun-Size Mission Academy resources at www.hoperev2014.com.