• Age Range: Activities for 0 - adults
  • Date: 4th to 16th August 2019

Sutton on Sea is a small seaside town on the East Coast of England, 13 miles north of Skegness. The beach mission has been running each summer since 1886. We offer 2 weeks of fun, mess and God to local people and holiday-makers; and run afternoon holiday clubs for young people aged 0 to adults in different age groups as well as having fun on the beautiful sandy beach. We meet approximately 120 people a day, with about 250 young people attending over the course of the fortnight.

Summer Missions

Over the past few years, we have seen God working in amazing ways at the mission. Many children and young people have had spiritual encounters with God for the first time and we have spent more time than ever praying and answering questions as well as playing games and doing craft activities. We have seen a lot of children coming to the mission as they grow up and then joining the team and giving something back.

Visit our Facebook page: search “Sutton on Sea SU Beach Mission” for more details.