Helping you get into the Bible

Scripture Union want to help you and the children you know to get into the Bible and to grow in a healthy relationship with God. Building on nearly 150 years of experience, we've developed a range of exciting ministries that help bring the Bible to life in fresh and exciting ways...

Holidays and missions – Get away from home but closer to God!

Have you ever thought about sending your child on an SU Holiday or taking them along to one of our missions? They're not only great fun but great opportunities for the children and young people to explore the Bible and learn about the God who loves them. With an amazing variety of holidays available, and missions taking place all over Engalnd and Wales, we're sure there's something for everyone. To help a child meet Jesus this summer you can give a gift to support our work.


Guardians of Ancora - together we can reach millions of children by bringing Bible stories alive

Regular Bible reading - deepen your relationship with God

Connecting You - Supporter and prayer magazine


On 1st July Guardians of Ancora will be available worldwide.
Enter the virtual world of Ancora and join the Guardians as they search for the stories of the city.


Whether it's online or through one or our printed Bible reading guides, for adults and children, Scripture Union can help you engage with the Bible in a way that will impact your life! We belive that regular reading of the Bible is essential but we know it can be difficult. We're here to help!


Connecting You, Scripture Union's supporter and prayer magazine, is packed full of great stories and will keep you up to date with all the latest exciting Scripture Union news.

You can read new and older editions on the website and even sign up to receive a regular copy in the post.

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Volunteering with SU – get experience and hone your skills


Give a gift – support our mission


S-YouWhat's your Scripture Union story?


We rely on volunteers to help us in our mission to introduce every child to Jesus – have you ever thought about joining a team? There's loads of different opportunities for all sorts of people and whatever you do, we know you'll have a great time while developing your skills in working with children and young people.


Without your help, we would be unable to reach children and young people with the gospel, in a way that is both relevant and exciting. Thank you for your help!


Has Scripture Union played an important part in your Christian life? Perhaps you first heard about Jesus at one of our holidays or one of our Bible reading guides has been instrumental in the development of your faith? Whatever your story is, we'd love to hear it.

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Connect with SU locally

How we can help you reach out to children and young people


We'd love to support you in your children's and youth work, and wherever you are in England or Wales, there's a Scripture Union team nearby. With nearly 150 years of experience under our belt, we can help you take your ministry to the next level.


With a range of exciting Bible-based resources, expert training opportunities and more, we're here to help you as you reach out to children and young people.

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