You can ensure some hugely exciting opportunites help thousands of children meet with Jesus

I've led SU's publishing ministry for 10 years, and this is the most exciting opportunity we've had in that time to help children meet Jesus

Thanks to the support of friends like you, Guardians of Ancora (our ground-breaking digtial Bible Game for children) launched in July 2015. We thank God that tens of thousands of children are already playing the game, getting into the Bible and getting to know Jesus.

There are four wonderful ways you can ensure the good news is proclaimed to the next generation...

Child playing Guardians of Ancora

You can provide more opportunities for children to dig deeper into the Bible

New Bible Quests could give more opportunities for children to engage with the Bible. A seasonal special for Easter, as well as visiting characters and adventures from the Old Testament, could bring the Bible to life for thousands of children.

 Guardians of Ancora in schools

You can reach the unreached by helping teachers use Guardians of Ancora in schools

Support for teachers and schools workers (for example with assemblies and after school clubs) could enable unchurched children to discover more about Jesus.

Guardians of Ancora in churches

You can help churches to disciple more children through Guardians of Ancora

New downloadable Sunday School resources could help churches use the game to disciple more children. Helping children grow deeper in faith in a familar and relevant way.

 Guardians of Ancora going international

You can ensure the Bible knows no borders

Developing different language versions of Guardians of Ancora could enable children all over the world to dig deeper into the Bible. From our recently launched Welsh language version to making Guardians of Ancora available in Serbian, Albanian and Arabic, you can really ensure the Bible knows no borders.

'We will tell the next generation about the glorious deeds of the Lord' (Psalm 78:4)