Associate Scheme Information

Scripture Union’s Associate Scheme is a means of multiplying ministry. Through it we support churches and other Christian groups in working together locally, to reach children and young people in schools and the community.

How does it work?
Things generally start with a group of Christians from a local church or group of churches motivated by the desire to work together more effectively with children and young people in their locality. More often than not, the desire has increased through Christians praying together.
Turning informal discussion into action is where the Scripture Union Associate Scheme comes into its own. We can provide guidance and direction to get a fledgling plan off the ground.

What are the benefits?
We help establish a local group to recruit salaried workers and volunteers, and work to good practice.
We guide groups through the legislation and professional processes necessary for successful operation.
We provide training and development courses for workers and those who manage them.
We encourage workers to meet with people in similar roles, through our conferences and other events.
We give access to Scripture Union’s library of resources and advice from experienced practitioners.

Will it cost?
There are staff, training and legal costs involved and we do our best to keep these to a reasonable level. We make these costs clear for each stage of the process.

If you would like more information on the work of the Associate Sheme please contact us: