Our Council members

Council is broadly representative of Scripture Union's areas of work and community. It provides a forum for the development of spiritual vision and discernment of God's leading and advises the Board (our Trustees and Leadership Team) on the overall direction of the Movement. It has no executive powers and its key responsibilities are:

Council is made up of up to 50 members (including the Board) and meets for two residential meetings a year.

If you are interested in being a part of our Council, please visit the Vacancies page to discover if there are currently any vacancies.

Our Council members:

  • Paul Butler (President)
  • Robert Ashurst
  • Leanne Baker
  • Richard Ballard
  • Sally Beveridge
  • Marlene Botha
  • Alex Brown
  • Lesley Blight
  • Gill Cammack
  • Joel Carter
  • Alan Darlington
  • Aled Davies
  • Daniel Dei
  • Sam Ennis


  • Jon Featherstone
  • Geoff Felton
  • Elizabeth Fewkes
  • John GraystonAmy Henderson
  • David Marshall
  • John Marshall
  • Sandra Morris
  • Ian Paul
  • Amy Rowlands
  • Andy Saunders
  • Eddie Scrase-Field
  • Robbie Strachan
  • Joy Wright