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Give faith a sporting chance - Find out more about SU's sports ministry

Give faith a sporting chance!

Sport brings children and young people together regardless of background, religion or social status. It provides wonderful opportunities for our workers to get to know local children and it can be a powerful tool for evangelism and discipleship. Find out more about how we're using sport to reach children and young people and get some great resources for yourself!
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Book your 2015 Scripture Union holiday today - amazing Christian holidays for 8-18 year olds

Amazing, life-changing holidays for 8-18 year olds

If you've ever been on an SU Holiday, you'll know that our slogan, 'Making memories - changing lives' is not just clever marketing speak. Our holidays have always been unforgettable experiences and our 2015 programme promises to be no different. Book yours today...
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Scripture Union Books - great new FREE app for Android and Apple devices

Scripture Union Books – Free bookshelf app for Android and Apple devices

Download Scripture Union books for FREE and get Scripture Union’s extensive archive of great Christian books and resources at your fingertips. Search for Scripture Union books in the app store and on Google Play and download your copy today...Find out more

What's happening with Scripture Union in your area of the country? Find out now

What's happening in your area of the country?

Scripture Union are here to help you with your children's and youth work and if you've got questions or need support, we'd love to make contact...

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