SUbstance (for 14 to 18s)

SUbstance will take your young people and develop them in their faith. The easy-to-use, highly adaptable leaders’ guide will help you create sessions that will enable your group to delve deeper into the Bible.

SUbstance sessions encourage and challenge, engage and equip, and allow for times of quiet reflection, alongside loud debate, laughter, and in-depth Bible study. Whatever their level of faith or understanding of the Bible, young people will develop through the practical focus on application which runs throughout this discipleship resource. SUbstance is produced termly, and is undated, so can be used at anytime.

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SUbstance for 14 to 18s is...

A new multi-volume discipleship course for 14 to 18s using tried and tested activities, written by experienced youth workers.

Each volume contains ten sessions and a thematic syllabus built around a biblical framework.

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If you're looking for the downloadable resources to accompany your session go to SUbstance (for 14 to 18s) taster and click on the SUbstance logo.