Splash! (5 to 8s)

Children aged 5 to 8 love to play together, be creative, use their energy, explore new ideas and enjoy old favourites. They have a great capacity for friendship and empathy for anyone in trouble.

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They can have a depth of spirituality which can be both matter of fact and breathtaking. Splash! will help you encourage your 5 to 8s in their daily lives with God.

Why choose Splash!?

  • Because God wants children to have a relationship with him, and for them to continue growing with him for the rest of their lives. Splash! will help leaders to encourage a depth of spiritual growth in 5 to 8s, as the children discover what God is saying to them in the Bible.
  • Because children of 5 to 8 deserve the best we can give them! The activities in the Splash! programme keep the sessions fun and age appropriate, and used with the variety of colourful activities in the Splash! for Children magazine (available to download from LightLive or to purchase - see below) will encourage the children to grow closer to God day by day. The unique Splash! Bible cards (available if you buy Splash! for Children, see below) will help the children develop the good habit of reading God's Word regularly.
  • Because, in Jesus, 5 to 8s too can be light for the whole world.

Additional Splash! resources

You can use the wealth of material on LightLive alone to create excellent Bible based sessions for your 5 to 8 year olds but there are a number of additional resources available from Scripture Union to compliment and enhance your Splash! sessions:

Printed Splash! for Children

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Although LightLive provides downloadable copies of the relevant pages from the children's activity magazines, nothing can compare to the actual printed magazine which your children will love to use and keep. To purchase current children's magazines, click here.

The Bible Timeline

A full-colour wall chart to help children and leaders grasp the big story of God's saving plan as seen in the Bible.

The Scripture Union Bible Timeline

Learn and remember albums and downloads

Bitesize Bible songs covers

Lively songs for children aged from 5-11, crafted in the style of contemporary music and each teaching a Bible verse or truth about God.

For more information about the music, click here.