Helter Skelter Task Force - Leadership Training

Where:Brackley, Northants
When:12–18 August 2018
Who for:18 - 19 yrs

Task Force is all about getting young people ready for Christian Leadership. The Task Force team are still part of the holiday team, but get extra theology training, mentoring sessions, as well as learning what it means to serve; having the responsibility of organsing games and activities, helping in the kitchen and other areas of the holiday throughout the week. It's a fantastic transition in to leadership as going from a young person to a leader can be quite the jump and we want to support and build up the future leaders of the holiday in the best way possible. If you have come straight from being a young person from camp, we would like you to do one year of Task Force before coming a regular team member. If you have any questions, please get in touch with the holiday leader.

This holiday is based at Winchester House School (NN13 7AZ) in the small market town of Brackley. Holidays make good use of the sports hall, large playing field, outdoor heated swimming pool (with diving board and water slide) as well as the extensive buildings. Bedrooms vary in size but on average sleep 10 young people.


Leader: Naomi Hollands and David Payne

For more information

Contact:Naomi Hollands